A Chiropractor Discusses Motion Disorders

A chiropractor is a healthcare practitioner focused on the precise diagnosis and treatment of spine-related neuromuscular diseases, using an emphasis on manual manipulation and/or manual therapy. Chiropractic is typically classified into traditional complementary medicine or alternative medicine. The treatment philosophy of chiropractors is to use the client’s diagnosis to design a treatment plan that will address the identified needs. Often, chiropractic services are utilized by individuals with musculoskeletal complaints that do not respond to other treatment plans, such as arthritis or sports injuries.Do you want to learn more? Visit Tacoma chiropractor .

Before scheduling a session with a chiropractor, it is recommended that patients be honest about their medical history and discuss which modalities (chiropractic adjustments, x-rays, prescriptions, etc.) they are most interested in seeing and which they are least interested in. A client who feels he/she is suitable for spinal manipulation should meet with the chiropractor prior to the first session in order to determine his/her level of interest and commitment to the care of the spine. The initial consultation is also the time when the chiropractor can make suggestions about post-surgical exercises to help the injured person return to normal function.

After the initial consultation, the chiropractor will apply appropriate techniques to help relieve the patient’s symptoms. Some common manipulative techniques used by chiropractors include spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, massage therapy, ultrasound, and other special techniques. In addition, a chiropractor may provide dietary advice or referral for other health issues, including arthritis or fibromyalgia. If problems persist after several sessions, a chiropractor will attempt to identify the underlying cause of the problem. With some adjustments, the chiropractor will be able to return motion to a joint that has become fixed by age or injury, or restore pre-stroke range of motion for affected muscles or joints.


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