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The word “hardscaping” refers to non-living elements in the landscape. Paving, walkways, patios, and even benches, birdbaths, and sculptures are common examples. You can bring not only aesthetic value to your home, but also monetary value by integrating hardscape design into your lawn.Feel free to find more information at Albany hardscape company.

Finding a major feature that will attract the audience’s attention is one of the key concepts used in graphic design and photography. Landscaping and hardscaping are similar in that they both require careful preparation to keep things in order. Adding foliage and blooms to your garden will make a big difference, but too many plants can transform your yard into a rainforest rather than a garden. To prevent this, you can balance things out by adding more elements, as well as texture and contrast. You can still add sculptures and large rocks to your hardscaping to add more charm and focal elements.

It’s a good idea to add or keep walls in your garden if you want to give it more depth. You can replace the back part of your garden with two additional short walls and plants per level if you like. This will encourage you to stick to a theme and use the same types of plants in different places without having to worry about your garden being too boring and uniform. Curved walls, on the other hand, can give your garden a sense of movement by adding a curving wall or a terrace above it.

Another reason to keep your garden walls is to hide your unattractive grey porch or base. They can also shield the fragile flowers you’ve planted in your garden from the attention of children or pets. You can also lift the surface of your soil to prevent water from seeping into your home’s foundation if you want to.
Paving is another essential component of hardscaping. This is another landscaping feature that not only acts as a walkway but also protects your plants from being trampled on.

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