Introduction to Roku Channel

A new product from the channel is the Roku Channel. It is a proprietary brand of electronic media players made by American electronics company Roku, Inc. They provide access to on-demand streaming media content via the Internet. The company was founded by two men, one of whom holds a PhD in information technology and the other is an electrical engineer.Checkout original site for more info.

The Roku Channel uses proprietary Internet technologies that are based on streaming content delivery protocol (SDP). This technology is used to deliver content from a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android smart phone to an air-link enabled television in real time. The channel can be viewed on an Internet-connected computer or television. It provides access to thousands of television channels including popular international channels, movie titles and premium movie channels. It also allows users to use their PCs to control their DVRs or set up a Plex Media Server so they can view their television on their television sets.

Many people may be under the impression that the Channel is very similar to Apple’s Airplay product. While both products can be used to view media on televisions, they differ greatly in the way they do so. The Airplay product does not have its own software interface. Instead, it acts as an extension of the existing Airplay software that is packaged with your Mac or Windows PC. The Roku Channel on the other hand has its own proprietary software interface that you can install in your computer. Once you install the Channel on your computer, it will replace the existing Airplay software and any other hardware that may be installed on your computer or television.