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Many roofers specialise in residential roofing services, while others focus on commercial roofing services. Since they do not have to deal with individual homeowners, many would focus on the commercial side of the company. Checkout River Ridge Roofing for more info.

It’s also possible that the jobs will be bigger. Another explanation is that most industrial and commercial roofing is achieved by laying down sheeting materials such as corrugated metal or forty-foot-long sheets of flat metal shingles. Metal structures are often used, and they do not require special rafters or decking. This does not apply to all commercial or industrial systems, but it does apply to a large number of them.

You will hire a residential roofing company that specialises in re-roofing houses to come out and re-roof your building. You may even hire them to fix your home’s roof if it has been damaged or is leaking. There are several roofing materials to choose from for your house. If you hire a residential roofing company to provide you with a quote, they will advise you on the best roofing material for your house. In most cases, homeowners can substitute like-for-like products. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, you can replace it with asphalt shingles.

You may choose a higher-quality shingle or one with a longer warranty. You may also go for asphalt shingles, which are pricier but look more like a shake roof. However, you will most likely stick with asphalt shingles.

One reason to stick with a similar roof is that if you switch to a concrete tile roof, the current roof structure could not be able to withstand the weight of the tiles. To get concrete tiles on the roof, a roofing specialist will have to build up the underlying structure to accommodate the extra weight, which would cost money.

Other heavier roofing materials, such as some eco green roofs that are covered with living plants, are in the same boat. If your home already has a concrete tile roof, it has one of the longest warranties of any roofing material, lasting up to fifty years or more. In this situation, a residential roofing service may be required only if one of the concrete tiles breaks or is damaged by anything, or if a roof structure fails.

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