Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets

Have you been looking for kitchen cabinets and been disappointed by the selection at big box stores and import cabinet dealers? So, maybe you should seriously consider custom made kitchen cabinets as a choice for your kitchen remodelling project. In this section, I’ll go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of both stock and custom cabinetry. Get the facts about Northern Prairie Cabinets see this.
Kitchen Cabinets in Stock
What exactly is stock kitchen cabinetry? Stock kitchen cabinets are pre-built to a particular size and then resold by a cabinetry dealer. Usually, stock cabinets are made in 2 inch increments. Cabinets can be laid out easily in certain simple kitchen layouts, such as an L-shaped kitchen. But what happens when you have to instal cabinets between two walls? In this scenario, the cabinet dealer will provide you with filler parts to fill any wide gaps that will inevitably arise as a result of using cabinets that are constructed in 2 inch increments. These cabinet filler bits are relatively easy to cut to suit the remaining void. The biggest drawback of stock kitchen cabinets is the aforementioned gradual sizing, but it also has a negative impact on efficiency. However, as with anything, lower to mid-priced stock cabinets are usually made of lighter materials and have economy hardware such as cabinet door hinges and drawer slides. The first benefit that comes to mind when thinking about using stock cabinetry is cost. Since stock cabinets are mass manufactured, they can be very inexpensive. Another benefit is speed; in most cases, dealers have access to larger warehouses where the cabinets are stored, and you can have your stock cabinet order within a few weeks, if not days.
Kitchen Cabinets Made to Order
Custom kitchen cabinets are cabinets that are designed specifically for your kitchen layout, design preferences, and requirements. Custom kitchen cabinetry can easily be made to fit between two walls or to match odd angles, which stock kitchen cabinets cannot. There are many benefits to custom cabinets that are not available with stock cabinetry. The benefits at the top of the list are selection. Since your new kitchen cabinets will be made by a custom cabinet maker, you can get them made in almost any style you can think of. You may also have them make cabinets out of rare or exotic woods. You can also choose from a much wider range of cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Some custom cabinet makers choose to outsource their doors and drawer fronts; in this case, they would typically have a wide list of doors from which to choose. Custom designed cabinets allow you to choose the type of hardware, such as cabinet door hinges and drawer slides. The majority of people are now opting for soft close hinges and drawer slides. This is not only popular, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the norm in the coming years.