Clean Your Refrigerator- Insights 

A refrigerator is one of the most important piece of appliance any house should have. Not only does it look good with our kitchen, it also keeps our food fresh and our drink chilled. Because it gives us irreplaceable service, we must also give back and maintain our refrigerators. We do not want ending up with an unsightly fridge, do we? Read more water

Aside from that, we may also not like having to eat bad-tasting food, or worse, even spoiled food. Cleaning out the refrigerator ever once in a while is a great practice to maintain but as what they say, prevention is better than cure. Why go through the hassles of general cleaning when you can actually just keep it clean the whole time?

In fact, one benefit you can get from simply keeping the refrigerator clean is that it will lessen the chances of you meeting face to face with food that is, well, less than enticing to put it mildly. You get the picture. You will also minimizes the chances of opening the refrigerator door and clamping down on your nostrils because something has gone bad, really bad.

Cleaning is a different thing from keeping clean, though the two come together hand in hand. There are many tips on how to properly clean your refrigerator units but this time, we are going to discuss how to effectively maintain the cleanliness of your fridge and keep it that way.

If you haven’t cleaned your fridge in a while, do it now

This is where the general cleaning part comes in. Of course, how can you keep your refrigerator clean if it is not clean in the first place? Check the entire fridge for food items that have gone past its expiration date. You may have to inspect the items one by one to know whether they are still good but most of the time, you will be able to see the bad items fast due to their color, texture and/or odor.

After you have gotten rid of the expired or almost bad foods, you may also want to remove food items that are still good but have been sitting inside your fridge for a year now. Perhaps you have bought it once for a certain purpose and was not able to use it again. Well, here’s some new for you. Chances are, because you were never able to use it since then, you will also have little chance of using it in the future. Better get rid of useless products to make way for the useful.

You may also remove things that are not intended to be placed inside the fridge such as makeup and the like. In short, remove the clutter. Anyway, more spacious fridge is a cooler fridge, in a temperature kind of way. Wipe every nook and cranny of your refrigerator. Most people use only damp rags or paper towels but you can also use soap. However, make sure you wipe off the suds and make sure no residue is left.

Keep it that way

Do not let all the dirt in your fridge accumulate over time because you have scheduled a regular (twice a year), general, massive cleanup session. In fact you do not have to do that. To make things easier, once you have cleaned your refrigerator all throughout and inside out, make sure everything stays the same way everyday.

It is not that hard really. All you have to do is be in constant check with your fridge. Be on alert and wipe every spill and stain that comes your way, no matter how small it is. Wipe it as soon as it comes with an antibacterial cleaning liquid or perhaps even soap. This way, you keep your refrigerator clean and you were also able to inhibit the spread of germs and bacteria the spill or stain might have caused.

Also, practice the habit of wiping every container clean before putting it inside the fridge. To make all of these easier, place an antibacterial wipe by your fridge to save time from looking all over the house for it. Also you will be reminded of what you are supposed to do.

Be firm in your decision to make your refrigerator a germ-free place. Why, we are only talking about food matters here right? By keeping your refrigerator clean, you do not only enhance its performance but you are also assured that what you are eating is still healthy. Preventive maintenance really is the answer.