An Introduction Of G&S DUI Attorneys at Law – Chicago, IL

The justice system in and in the is founded on the belief that if both the prosecutor and the defence attorney know the law, have the necessary expertise to do their work, and fight zealously for their side, the facts will be revealed and justice will be served. This isn’t always the case, especially in drunk driving cases, which are often more complicated and provide more chances for dui lawyers to make mistakes. I’m sure you’re pondering some questions. What if your California DUI lawyer isn’t up to date on the law? What if your DUI lawyer lacks the requisite qualifications for the job? Find out here G&S DUI Attorneys at Law 

What if your lawyer doesn’t fight hard and do everything possible to win your case? If your DUI counsel fails to meet all of these requirements, justice will not be served. However, you will be the only one who suffers as a result of it. These inquiries prompt further inquiries and concerns. How are you expected to know if your DUI lawyer is knowledgeable about the law? Isn’t that why lawyers go to law school in the first place, to learn the law?

How can I tell if my lawyer lacks the requisite expertise to handle my case? What skills are actually required?How can I tell if my lawyer has done everything, he can to protect me and win my case? After all, what are all the various ways a lawyer can win a case?

Many defendants have these questions but are afraid to ask them. “But can’t I only win on appeal if my counsel screwed up?” you might wonder. Continue reading. During my time as a prosecutor and defence attorney, I saw first-hand how our criminal justice system operates in the United States. I was able to witness both the good and the poor.