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The personal injury lawyer often represents the injured party in a civil suit that arises as a result of that person’s negligence in an accident. In most cases, the suit results in a settlement, which consists of paying damages to the injured party. However, if the lawsuit results in no monetary compensation, the plaintiff may have to be awarded compensatory damages, which are meant to make up for the losses that were suffered as a result of negligence. In some cases, the plaintiff may be able to recover damages from the third party that was responsible for the accident, such as the company that owns the roadway where the accident occurred. A lawyer can also represent the company in its defense against the claims of negligence.Checkout Ivey Law Firm, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers for more info.

A personal injury lawyer may also represent the party in a lawsuit who has filed suit to recover compensation for their injuries, but who do not yet have the financial means to pay the settlement. In this situation, the attorney will try to negotiate a settlement out of court, or out of court with the insurance provider. If a settlement can’t be reached, then the attorney will file a lawsuit against the liable party to obtain judgment in the favor of their client. However, it is important to remember that this represents the risk that the attorney takes if they lose the lawsuit. If they win the lawsuit, they will be entitled to a percentage of the compensation award and may also be eligible for a settlement.
Personal injury lawsuits must be filed within three years of the date of the incident, but only after the defendant has been served with legal notices related to the suit. If you have been the victim of an accident, you need an experienced injury lawsuit attorney to help you collect on your medical bills and other damages. The first step to obtaining a fair settlement is to file a claim, but you must follow the law and consult an attorney if there are issues that are unclear. Your attorney will be able to assess all of your case and determine whether or not a settlement is realistic.