EVOLVE SALON AND SPA: Secrets Revealed

We have some basic waxing tips to make your next waxing appointment go more “smoothly.” Summer is here and it’s time to start waxing away that unwanted hair. Do you want to learn more? Visit EVOLVE SALON AND SPA.


  1. Allow hair to grow 3-4 weeks prior to waxing! (4’s better)
  2. Do not use lotion or oil on the day of waxing or after your last shower prior to your appointment
  3. Take a shower if possible, just prior to your appointment. Hot water opens pores and allows hair to come out easy, making it less painful for you.
  4. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate, in the shower. Relax and scrub with a comforting skin cream that is water based and will not leave skin oily or greasy.
  5. Use a topical numbing product – especially for bikini and Brazilian waxing clients. A quality skin waxing cream can reduce waxing pain up to 80%!
  6. Take a pain reliever 30- 45 minutes before your appointment if you’re worried about pain.
  7. Reduce post wax redness & irritation by applying a relaxing cream to the skin prior to waxing.
  8. Keep bumps away! After waxing, we suggest using a post-wax treatment to condition the skin. No one wants to go through all that pain and trouble to have bumps and ugly ingrown hairs. A quality product comes in a bottle with a rolling ball applicator, which makes it super easy to use! It is highly effective yet gentle on the skin.
  9. Do not wax directly before or after your period. Skin is often more sensitive during the time near your period, so your appointment shouldn’t be any closer than a couple of days before or after your period.
  10. Now get out there and enjoy your summer!

I have tried every product on the market, even scouring drug store shelves, trying to obtain pain free waxing results for my clients. When I finally found one that actually worked, the cost was prohibitive and you needed a prescription. But, I knew I was on to something and the search was on. Topical solutions that did desensitize the skin were not compatible with the wax and the ones that allowed the wax to do it’s job did nothing to ease the pain. But, I would not give up – there had to be an answer! Finally success after months and months of disappointment! Finally, a topical anesthetic in a water based product that did not interfere with the wax.

I have had happy clients for over 6 years. People are calling weekly. You have have what every woman wants! Wax the untreated side first, then wax the area you applied your cream to. Then experience the delight of painless waxing for yourself.