Intro on Post-Thrombotic Syndrome and Deep Vein Thrombosis

The use of compression stockings by patients after treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) has been found to prevent post thrombotic syndrome (PTS)? Recent studies published in medical journals and professional web sites such as the “Annals of Internal Medicine”, “American Family physician”, “American College of Physicians, and the “American College of Phlebology” have shown that compression stockings prevent post thrombotic syndrome in 50% of patients. explained here

Post thrombotic syndrome is a long term complication of DVT that is experienced by 1 out of 3 patients. The symptoms include pain, swelling, cramping, numbness, tingling, and itching of the affected leg. The skin on the lower part of the leg may harden and darken. PTS symptoms may last for years. PTS may affect 50% of patients with DVT after 2 years.

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy recommends the use of compression stockings after the onset of a DVT. They recommend that patients wear the these for two years after initial onset of DVT. Below knee stockings with a compression level of 30-40 mmHg should be routinely prescribed to all patients in this group. With more patients with DVT is being treated on an outpatient basis by emergency department physicians, it is imperative that patients are prescribed knee high compression stockings upon discharge. Compression stockings are not contraindicated in combination of anticoagulant medication.

The positive clinical outcomes of wearing stockings are dependent on patient compliance. This is true for all medical indications of stocking use. A recent study on patient compliance by C.L. Morgan, et al concluded that patients with detailed instructions and education about compression therapy become more compliant with the prescribed treatment. It is important for the prescribing physician to educate the patient on where to find this detailed information or present it them personally.

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