Do i need a Lawyer to get a Green card

If you are having trouble getting your green card and you have tried several times unsuccessfully to obtain U.S. citizenship, maybe it is time for you to hire a green card lawyer. Not only can they guide you through the process, they can also make sure that you have successfully completed and provided any required documentation that is needed. In other words, they can help you succeed where you have previously failed. original site
Thanks to the changes in the green card process in 2002, it has become much harder to get approved. Green card lawyers represent immigrants who want become legal citizens of the United States. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to stay, hiring proper legal representation can help you bypass any red tape and get you your green card much faster.
It is not easy to complete the requirements to apply for legal citizenship. That is why there are thousands of illegal immigrants in the United States. It may seem easier to remain illegal, but there are many perks, benefits and rights immigrants do not have as a result of their citizenship status.
It makes no sense to live and work in a country that you call home and not have the same rights as everyone else. You never know when having those rights will come in handy. If you become sick or you want your children to receive a good quality education, being a legal citizen of the United States is a must.
If you hire a green card lawyer to help you navigate through the naturalization process, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. You will also not have to endure the stress that comes with the situation.
It is important to know that in order to become a citizen, one must first be registered as an immigrant. Many people who are not originally from the United States do not know this. Many of them assume that when they are ready to start the process, they can just do so. Unfortunately, there are many steps that are required in order to make a successful transition to a legal citizen.
Don’t waste your time by trying to find all of the information you need. Contact a green card lawyer to assist you with what needs to be done. They are more than happy and willing to work with you.
Keep in mind that once you have received your visa, you still may have to wait a while for a visa number. It can take several years for you to get assigned a number because the United States government only issues a certain amount each year. Depending on what country you are from can determine just how long or short your wait will be for a green card number. If you need any assistance regarding your visa and visa number, make sure you contact a green card lawyer to get everything straightened out.