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Not only are new colours and control systems included in these specific model revisions. Roller shades have been a popular window treatment since before the turn of the century. The cord, or clutch, drawn shades, which have internal springs to help them retract, have finally met their equal. The shade fabric can be pulled down or a tassel connected to the bottom of the shade fabric can be used to manually lower roller shades with springs. Do you want to learn more? Visit Orlando shutter company

Pull on the bottom of the shade or, if there is a tassel, pull on the tassel of the roller shade to lift spring roller shades. It’s easy to understand how manually operated roller shades could cause problems. Roller blinds can become dirty if they are touched too much. The shade fabric can tear or become otherwise damaged if pulled repeatedly. Finally, roller shade control springs will wear out with time, resulting in roller shades that do not roll up properly or do not operate at all without the user’s assistance. As a result, shade industry developers have developed roller shade control systems to overcome this challenge.

 These types of systems are known as chain-driven or clutch-based systems. With these new controls, the front or back of a chain hanging from the top of the roller shade will be pulled to power the roller shade. Plastic or metal, both of which are durable materials, can be used to make this chain.